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NHGD operates a range of mobile services that includes mammogram screening, general x-ray, mobile ultrasound, bone mineral densitometry screening, home phlebotomy, health screening, diabetic retinal photography, diabetic foot screening and medical courier. This is part of our right sitting efforts to enable the community to enjoy more accessible, comprehensive, appropriate and cost effective healthcare, thus encouraging all to make health screening a priority.

Providing service at the doorstep benefits not only the public of the hassle of commuting but also organizations – with minimum disruption to its operations. Our team consisting of mobile coordinators, professionally-trained radiographers, state registered nurses and radiology executive serve 365 days a year.

Benefits of Mobile Screening Services


The benefit of being mobile allows us to bring our screening services to any patient, anywhere - from city, heartlands to even remote islands! This also allows us to save more lives!


The availability of screening service at the door step brings convenience to participants – saving them the time and hassle of commuting from place to place. Organizers will also find it convenient to conduct health screening at the comfort of their premises or desired locations.

Comfortable ambience

Our mobile services are designed to maximize comfort for the participants, while ensuring their privacy.

One point of contact

For organizers, they are only required to liaise with a single party, from arrangement of our Mobile Services to actual day deployment.

In addition to the above mobile services, NHG Diagnostics also started its own Medical Courier Service in April 2009 to provide a reliable and complete medical logistics solution to our healthcare partners and patients.

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Last Updated 08 November 2017
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