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Mammography is a simple examination of the breast using low-dose X-ray. Mammography allows early detection of cancerous cells, which are too small to be felt by the hand. Early detection of the malignant cells enables early medical intervention that may results in saving the breasts.

All NHG Diagnostics centres located within the nine National Healthcare Group Polyclinics and our Mammobus offer mammogram screening. Accredited under Health Promotion Board’s BreastScreen Singapore (BSS) programme, we offer subsidized mammogram screening for the women in Singapore. The accreditation is also an assurance to NHG Diagnostics’ quality framework, as stringent compliance of guidelines and procedures need to be met.

All our mammogram screening centres are also Medisave accredited. Ladies who are 50 years old and above and eligible under the BSS criteria can utilise their own or direct kin’s Medisave to defray the cost of their regular mammogram.

Under the BSS guidelines, participant must fulfill the following criteria:

Requirement 40-49 years old 50 years and older
Singaporean or Permanent Resident    
Have not gone for mammogram for the last 12 months    
Have not gone for mammogram for the last 24 months    
Have no breast symptoms such as breast lumps or blood-stained nipple discharge    
Have not been breastfeeding for the past 6 months    

Under the Medisave guidelines, participants must fulfill all the criteria below to be eligible for Medisave claim.

  • Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents
  • Patients who are qualified under the Breast Screen Singapore (BSS) programme
  • Age 50 and above (Based on date of birth of patient)
  • Sufficient Medisave funds under the Medisave 300 scheme
  • Patients can use their own or their immediate family members’ Medisave for their mammogram screening

A female radiographer will perform the procedure to safe guard your privacy.

Before the examination, the radiographer/coordinator will ask you a few questions regarding your medical history.

During the mammography examination, it is necessary to compress the breast using a plastic plate in order to obtain a more detailed image of the structures in the breast. The compression may be uncomfortable. Please inform the radiographers should you experience any extreme discomfort.

On the day of the examination, 

  • Do not use any body lotion, deodorant, perfume, powder or ointment on your underarms or breasts. 
  • Wear a comfortable two-piece outfit as you would need to undress from waist up. 
  • Remove any jewellery from your body. 
  • If you are or suspect you are pregnant, you should inform the radiographer before the mammography screening.

Appointment for Patients


Prior appointment is required for mammography. To book a mammogram appointment, your patient may contact 6-ASK-NHGD (6-275-6443) or email appointments@diagnostics.nhg.com.sg. Patient's name and contact number are required to be included in the email.

A doctor’s memorandum is required if your patient is a foreigner.

Result Turnaround Time


Under the BSS program, the results will be mailed directly to your patient.

Corporate Enquiries


For more information to engage our Mammography services or open an account with us, please contact our Marketing Department at 6496 6633 or asknhgd@diagnostics.nhg.com.sg 



Prior appointment is required for mammography. To book a mammogram appointment, you may contact 6-ASK-NHGD (6-275-6443) or email appointments@diagnostics.nhg.com.sg. Kindly include your name and contact number in the email.   

A doctor’s memorandum is required if you are a foreigner.



Payment can be made via Cash or NETS.

Other Information


For FAQs on Mammography and BreastScreen Singapore programme, click here.

Last Updated 11 May 2012